The purpose of this study is to determine whether treating anal HSIL is effective in reducing the incidence of anal cancer in HIV-infected men and women.  UCSF will enroll about 340 people over the next 3 years. Participants come in for a screening visit where they have an HRA including biopsies of anything that is suspicious for HSIL. Those found to have HSIL are enrolled in the ANCHOR study. At this point participants are randomized into either a group where their HSIL is treated or a group where the HSIL is monitored closely every 6 months. Each visit lasts 1-2 hours and participants are reimbursed $100 at each visit. The study lasts 7 years.  

Eligibility criteria: 

  • HIV+ people of all genders age 35+
  • No previous history of treatment of HSIL in the last 6 months. 
  • No previous history of treatment for anal cancer
  • No intention to father or mother new child
  • Ability to come in every 6 months for 7 years
  • No history of HPV vaccination
  • Willing to accept the possibility that you may be told you have pre-cancerous lesions that won't be treated for several years. (Although you will be monitored, and if you develop anything cancerous you will be referred immediately for treatment.)

Contact Information for this study:

Phone: 844-448-2888